Tuesday, December 30, 2014

Balboa Park, San Diego. Museum of Man.

My blog is very neglected and I apologize. I have been sick and with the holidays just haven't been able to catch up on posts. 

For Christmas we went to see my husbands family in San Diego. For the first 4 days of our vacation I was super sick and didn't want to do much. But the last few days we ended up going to Mexico and to Balboa Park. I wanted to spend all day at Balboa park but with 2 kids they were getting super antsy LOL. 
We ended up going to the Museum of Man. It was way cool and the kids loved it. They had a new exhibit called Monsters. They also had a way cool kids zone in the Ancient Egypt exhibit. We also walked around and went to one of many gardens. 
Trying to enjoy and take photos while having 2 kids is very hard hahaha... I managed to get some photos that I love. There was so much texture and colors. Love it there. 

Most of the things on display were in glass cases so it was extremely difficult to get great pictures. With all the people walking by and getting in front of the camera it was challenging hehehe....... 
All photos were taken with my 6D and my 85mm 1.8. I always shoot in manual and in RAW. I knew I wanted to get close details of things around the park. My husband had my 60D with the 24-105 L taking pictures of the kids. ;) 
I hope you enjoy and if you ever get a chance to visit Balboa park you will not be disappointed.